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Professional and affordable online mastering

PLMastering is dedicated to provide a high quality, fast and affordable online mastering service for CD and any Digital Format Release with guaranteed results for clients from anywhere around the world. We want to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with our work.
Mastering is the main service at PLMastering.
Stem Mastering (not to be confused with mixing) is possible but you will charged extra costs.

Listening to your needs

If you have some desires for your master please include them in the email.
Reference tracks for the session are welcome.
Revision until satisfaction on the original premaster is without additional charge.


  • Stereo Mastering: 80€ per song (plus VAT)
    New mixdowns are charged at 50%, additional versions (instrumental, radio edit) are charged at 50%
  • Stem Mastering (Ex Vat):
    2-4 Stems 100€
    5-8 Stems 120€
    New stems are charged at 50%, additional versions (instrumental, radio edit) are charged at 50%


Patrizio Laloli, mastering engineer based in the Swiss Alps, has mastered tracks for artist spread throughout Europe using his skills for many different genres from ambient, techno, house to trap, hip-hop or synth-wave.
He worked with artists like Jabrome, Romerlin, Messy & the gang and many more.

The approach he uses during the mastering process is to get rid of the unwanted frequencies and enhance what is already great in your soundtrack.

How to prepare a premaster file

  • File Format: Stereo WAV or AIFF, no MP3s
  • Resolution: If possibile 32 or 24 bit
  • Sample Rate: 44.1 Khz or Higher
  • Headroom: The loudest peak of the soundtrack must not be above -6dB of your master bus
  • Fades & Trimming: Do not fade out the file yourself.

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